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YellowPin Announces Twitter Integration

ABD3 LLC, the social networking developer, today announced the latest feature on its popular YellowPin® application.

The newest YellowPin feature allows a simple text message to YellowPin to update not only your Facebook status but also your Twitter feed. You can now post to your two most powerful social networks right through your mobile phone in real-time and from wherever you are.

The Twitter integration follows closely on the heels of the recently launched Buzz feature. While the Buzz feature lets you instantly and automatically receive updates from your favorite people and places right on your mobile phone, this latest integration lets your Twitter followers as well as your Facebook friends and fans know what you’re up to whenever you want them to. At a cool new bar? YellowPin it. Relaxing with your friends at the beach? YellowPin it. One simple text to YellowPin will let anyone you want know what you’re up to.
Since YellowPin does not use GPS, you are never followed and you choose who can and cannot receive your updates. Unlike other services, it is so much more than just about people – it is about people and places. For instance, in addition to updating your activity, location or comments, you can also get the Buzz from your favorite venue or be informed automatically if two or more of your friends are hanging out in the same place.

“We continue to look for ways to add value to YellowPin,” commented Sayles Braga, CEO of ABD3. “The Twitter integration is only one of several new features we are developing that increase YellowPin’s power. More than ever, people depend on their mobile phone to access their social networks, but it is a hassle to update all your networks separately. So YellowPin now lets one simple text message update your Twitter, Facebook and – of course – YellowPin accounts.”

More About YellowPin

YellowPin enables subscribers to draw on their existing social networks in order to engage in real world social activities–with users in complete control of what information they choose to share. With universal accessibility in the United States, YellowPin easily integrates with users’ established social networks and their desired real time behaviors and interactions. For more information or to subscribe, please visit

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