HTC Android Smartphones to Get Specialized Apps

. June 5, 2011 . 0 Comments

HTC announced Thursday it will soon launch the HTC OpenSense software development kit, which aids developers in creating apps designed specifically to interact with HTC’s Sense software., according to Wired.

“HTC Sense is the company’s custom graphical user interface, built atop the Android platform. Because HTC is competing with other manufacturers like Samsung and Sony Ericsson — all three of which ship phones using the Android platform — Sense’s custom interface serves to differentiate HTC phones from other devices.

Instead of having the stock Android interface, for example, the company’s hardware comes with HTC’s version of many common apps. On an HTC phone, Twitter is relabeled as “Peep.” Menu screens also come preloaded with things like an HTC-branded media player, and calendar and contacts apps.

“As the devices become more and more alike, manufacturers will do anything they can to differentiate themselves,” Gartner research analyst Ken Dulaney told”


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