VOIS and Twitter Hooking Up Employers and Freelancers

. July 22, 2009 . 0 Comments

VOIS, Inc., http://www.vois.com (pronounced “Voice”) (OTCBB: VOIS) (OTCBB: VOISW) today introduced Micro.VOIS (http://Micro.VOIS.com) for Twitter. Micro.VOIS, built on top of Twitter, is the easiest way for Twitter users to tell others that they want work or have work to offer. Using Micro.VOIS is as easy as adding #wantwork or #havework in a Twitter update (also known as a “Tweet”). As members Tweet jobs and opportunities, Micro.VOIS monitors the relevant data and helps Twitter members find what they are looking for.
Try It —

Actually, using Micro.VOIS is easier than explaining it. Try it right now: Using Twitter, find someone who has work or wants work. Then Tweet your project or idea with the hashtag #havework (ex. to tell people you have work) or #wantwork (for work wanted). The Micro.VOIS robot automatically adds all of those Tweets to the Micro.VOIS feed.

About VOIS, Inc.

VOIS.com (pronounced “Voice”) is a social commerce website that combines the power of social networking with an online marketplace for professional freelance and on-demand services. At VOIS, individuals and businesses have the tools to either Post Work, Find Work or Network as well as staff projects. VOIS’s social sourcing model connects a global network of talent, allowing individuals and business around the world to find and manage work cost-effectively. Vois also owns www.sCommerce.com and www.Rev2.org. VOIS is publicly traded under the symbols VOIS, VOISW. — www.vois.com


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