YoTwits.com Launches: 1000+ Automated Feeds for Your Twitter Stream

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Yotify.com, the leading personal web scout service that enables you to track anything on the Internet, today opens the public beta of its Twitter application YoTwits at www.YoTwits.com.
YoTwits enables users to boost their Twitter personality and in turn add followers by integrating automated content feeds that reflect their interests, directly into their Twitter stream.

Users follow three simple steps to use YoTwits:

Step 1. Users select and filter the feed they want to broadcast — YoTwits has over 1000+ feeds available for broadcast, organized into the following categories:

*Auctions: the latest eBay auctions of electronics, computers, cameras, jewelry/watches, and collectibles

*Sports News: complete news coverage of sports teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB

*Stocks: breaking news for companies in the Dow 30 and Nasdaq 100

*Deals: up to the minute deals on computers, electronics, video games, clothing, travel

*Blogs: posts from the best bloggers on the web in tech, entertainment, business, shopping, cooking

*YouTube: latest videos in all of the major categories including entertainment, comedy, autos, sports

*Jobs: most recent postings for full-time, part-time, freelance, seasonal and internship positions

*News: local and global breaking headlines, sports news, entertainment news, technology news

*Classifieds: Craigslist postings for kid’s stuff, autos, computers, furniture and sporting goods

*Tickets: latest eBay ticket auctions for your favorite concerts, sporting events and theater shows

*Music Videos: all the latest videos in rock, pop, rap, R&B, punk, hiphop, country

*Housing: Craigslist postings for apartment rentals, real estate sales, rooms/shares, sublets

*Crime: most recent crime in your area — keep your followers abreast of the latest.

*Horoscope: daily horoscope readings for all the signs of the zodiac

*Twitterers: auto-retweet your favorite Twitter personalities in entertainment, news, politics, technology

Users also create custom feeds with two unique categories:

*Add Your Own Feed: users can bring any RSS feed to YoTwits, broadcasted reliably to their followers

*ReTweet Anyone: users can auto-retweet any other Twitterers’ tweets

Step 2. Users select the number and frequency of tweets to be added to their Twitter stream.

Users select the number (1-5 tweets) and frequency (every hour — 24 hours) of tweets to broadcast in their Twitter streams. This feature provides the user with maximum control of their Twitter personality.

Step 3. Users enter their Twitter username and password.

Registration at YoTwits is simple, employing the user’s existing Twitter username and password.

“We are proud to offer the first ever automated content feeds solution for Twitter streams,” said Ron Bouganim, Co-Founder and CEO, Yotify.com which powers YoTwits.com. “YoTwits came together as a result of our users asking us to create a Yotify.com experience in the Twitter context. We are proud of the resulting YoTwits.com product and thrilled to enable users to enrich what they are already tweeting about with our 1000+ feed library of content that reflects their interests. Our initial YoTwits users have also seen their follower bases increase significantly, which is an added benefit of YoTwits and a reflection that our product was something the Twittersphere was looking for.”

YoTwits is committed to maintaining the account integrity and true personality of its users’ original Twitter streams; users are always in control. As such, YoTwits offers a robust filtering tool that enables users to parse feeds by keyword(s) to ensure broadcasts to their followers are truly a reflection of their Twitter personality. Moreover, YoTwits has a simple-to-use account management tool that enables users to turn their automated feeds on and off as well as modify the number and frequency of tweets at anytime.

About the company

branchnext, inc. (www.branchnext.com) is developing the next paradigm for how users will acquire relevant information on the Internet. branchnext’s portfolio of products includes Yotify.com — a consumer-facing website at www.yotify.com that offers consumers a user-defined, contextual and social way to track anything that matters to them on the Internet. Yotify.com powers an automated content feeds solution for Twitter streams at www.YoTwits.com. For web publishers, branchnext has made its core tracking platform — LetMeKnow — available as the first ever alerts-as-a-service API offering thus bridging the divide between the real-time web and post-visit user engagement.

The company has secured venture funding from experienced investors Naval Ravikant, General Partner, The HitForge, LP and co-founder of Epinions (Shopping.com); Novel TMT Ventures Limited; Richard Chen, Former Founder and CEO of OptoMail and Former Senior Business Product Manager of Google; and Auren Hoffman, CEO, Rapleaf. Among its distinguished advisors are Kevin Hartz, Co-founder, Xoom, Eventbrite and ConnectGroup; and Peter Read, who has worked with various corporate investors and top tier VC funds including Accel, Benchmark, TAG and Walden and advised/invested in companies including 4Info, Nielsen, Skype, Slingshot and TipMobile.


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