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SugarSync 2.0 Update

SugarSync 2.0 update has been announced with drag-and-drop sharing and a new Android app.

SugarSync 2.0 offers simple sharing and syncing, with drag-and-drop transfers to the cloud, contacts and Dropbox-style public links. A virtual drive and cloud search are also featured.

SugarSync 2.0 is full of improvements:

Easier navigation
Simplified setup using drag & drop
SugarSync Drive – a virtual drive making it faster and easier to access your cloud data
Flexible sharing of files and folders using private or public links
Cloud search of personal and shared data – across all of your computers and devices
Consistent design across the new desktop, web, and mobile apps
Improved photos experience
Modernized mobile apps for Android (available now) and iOS (coming soon)

All new users that register will automatically get the SugarSync 2.0 apps; existing users can download the new desktop app from the SugarSync website.

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