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New Media Technology News

Florida-based SourceFuse fuels the Social Media Marketing Explosion by Extending WordPress

SourceFuse announces the release of LoadedPress ( , a new tool that can allow companies to manage their website, blogs, social media, search engine optimization, internet marketing and complete online presence from one platform.
LoadedPress represents a leap forward for lovers of the wildly popular WordPress open source platform managed by thousands of developers around the globe. SourceFuse has extended it to include all of the leading community features as well as its own proprietary enhancements to create the most powerful website system, social blogging platform, and internet marketing engine ever made.
“Businesses are trying to figure out how to have an engaging website, as well as meet their marketing needs through search engine optimization, blogging, social network marketing across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels, as well as the ability to measure everything with detailed analytics,” says SourceFuse CEO Kelly Dyer, a native of Charlotte, N.C. and current resident of Atlantic Beach, FL. “There are just too many options on the Internet today, and they often require using multiple systems that can be cumbersome or expensive. LoadedPress provides a simple system to incorporate all of these common business needs in a single, simple and fully-supported package. With LoadedPress, any business can have complete control of their website and tap into all of their online marketing needs with ease, and do much more with less effort and less expense.”
LoadedPress brings together into a single system all of the tools and capabilities that until now have required expensive technical development or manpower, including:
Social Network content sharing, including publishing of content to one or more channels automatically (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as capturing that valuable user generated content back to the website
Search Engine Optimization automatically applied to the website through various automated tools, eliminating the mystery of whether a company’s website will be found
Detailed analytics and tracking of all activity, including website traffic information as well as social network audience interactions and engagement through the LoadedPress social analytics feature
Complete design and creative control for a website, which can be managed without technical knowledge
Flexible content management and publishing controls for any kind of content
Unlimited feature additions, including photo galleries, advertising, membership subscriptions, and anything else a company needs due to the extendable nature and open source foundation of the platform
Completely managed hosting, training, and support
“LoadedPress takes the guesswork out of running a website, marketing it online, and taking advantage of the new social web opportunities,” Dyer says.
For any company looking for a new or better website, one or more marketing focused “microsites”, more traffic from their existing content, a social network marketing strategy, a powerful blogging platform, and/or help making sense of all the available options, LoadedPress is the solution and is now available for anyone to use. For a free trial and other information, visit
Dyer, who obtained his MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 2005 and his computer science undergraduate degree from Washington & Lee University, is available to be interviewed as an expert in the areas of open-source platforms, social media marketing, and the complexities and strategies of building and growing a business presence on the internet.
About SourceFuse
SourceFuse provides cutting edge software solutions for businesses around the globe. As the creators of the AppStacks software packages, we are able to leverage the best work of the open source community as well as new innovations to deliver focused solutions that meet real business needs. Our team consists of experts across leading open source systems and software development practices, along with a business focus targeted on delivering real results that solve real problems. Learn more at and
About LoadedPress
LoadedPress is a “fully loaded” social publishing and online marketing system developed by the SourceFuse team. Built on the wildly popular WordPress open source platform managed by thousands of developers around the globe, we have extended it to include all of the leading community features as well as our own proprietary enhancements to create the most powerful website and social blogging platform ever made. It is provided as a completely managed and supported Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to customers. This innovative “all in one” system can deliver measurable growth to businesses and can power any kind of website, including a corporate site, marketing “microsite”, multi-user blogging site, subscription/membership site, social directory, social ecommerce catalog, or any other type of customized functionality imaginable. It is more than your website, and more than your blog…it is your entire online presence and internet marketing strategy.

Learn more at

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