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New Media Technology News Gives Business a Competitive Edge

Businesses today need every competitive edge they can find because they are competing with an ever-growing and large number of savvy internet marketers who take full advantage of all the options available to them.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing and most popular sites for social networking today and those who aren’t already using it for their businesses they should be. It can propel their sales results into a whole new level of success.

My Twitter Toolbox ( is a new site that provides literally everything needed to learn how to Twitter effectively while increasing productivity.

Thousands of hours and months of programming have gone into making My Twitter Toolbox the most powerful resource for learning how to Twitter to enhance a business’s bottom line. ”For less than the cost of fast food meal, we provide you with all things Twitter in one location,” said David Perdew, the owner and creator of My Twitter Toolbox. ”Each month, we add to the current bucket of Twitter applications, to ensure that our members have the edge when it comes to using Twitter.”

Available 24/7, My Twitter Toolbox consolidates all essential Twitter applications in one location and organizes them by usage categories such as Better Living, Better Blogging, Better Business, and several more.

After months of work, My Twitter Toolbox is open to the public at