Social Gaming Scores Big with Twitter Game,

Social gaming has quickly become one of the most viral things on the web. Starting on Facebook and now spreading to Twitter, there seems to be a new social game popping up every day. This phenomenon has quickly become old news as most of these viral games offer little to nothing in the way of innovation compared to the dozens before them. Whether you’re playing as a mob boss, a spy, or any number of other things, you still read what happens in your game off the screen. The immersive experience of actually watching the actions in a game unfold hasn’t quite made it to the social graph, until now.

Enter, the debut social game from Broken Bulb Studios based in Scottsdale, Arizona. NinjaWarz is a flash based game that actually brings you into it’s world rather than asking you to read about it. You get to build your Ninja clan with dozens of weapons, upgradable characters, and full animation everywhere you turn in the game. You even get to watch your Ninja clan battle it out in real time with other players’ clans. As your clan wins battles, your gain levels and earn gold and Karma which allows you to continue to buy new weapons, relics, and train your ninjas as well as recruit more. So far, the game is only available on Twitter. But designers of the game say they are working fast to integrate with Facebook Connect.

NinjaWarz has also taken some serious steps to curb the relentless feed spamming that tends to come with the success of any social game, especially on Twitter. The game does not do any posting that’s not user-initiated. Instead it prompts the player to post to their feed only when select actions occur and offers a valuable reward on a per-post basis. If the user elects to post their action, the prompt doesn’t return for some time. “We think that people will be more likely to play our game if they see one good post every few hours rather than a dozen meaningless posts from the same user in 10 minutes,” notes Robert Nelson, CEO of Broken Bulb. So what is this ‘one good post’? When the player elects to do so, NinjaWarz posts a short message detailing the outcome of a battle as well as a link to a flash-based replay of the actual fight. That’s right, friends can actually watch the exact fight that the player saw in the game prior to ever having to sign up for NinjaWarz.

Broken Bulb emphasizes the fact that NinjaWarz is still in an early beta stage and has several more enhancements and game elements in development. There’s even talk of in-game gambling (with virtual currency of course) in a coming update. It’ll be exciting to see how that is implemented. You can sign up for NinjaWarz by going to and logging in with your Twitter credentials.

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