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TrafficTweet iPhone App Leverages Twitter Stream For Real-Time Driving Conditions

Mobomo, a developer of smart applications for smart phones, today announced the launch of TrafficTweet, a new Apple iPhone 3.0 OS app offering smartphone users a powerful yet easy way to view, search and “tweet” real-time traffic conditions in any U.S. city. Unique to TrafficTweet is that it relies on a public Twitter feed populated with real-time traffic data from the Twitter community.

Key Features:

Leverages iPhone 3.0 OS Maps API to directly embed Google Maps into the application, providing a quick snapshot of all traffic alerts on nearby highways and roads.
Leverages Twitter Platform so drivers using TrafficTweet can report current road conditions (traffic accidents, lane closures, speed traps and other alerts) to others via Twitter on an interactive map. App users can use color-coded icons to provide the driver with instant feedback.
One-Click Driver Reporting eliminates need for onerous driver texting as it takes just one click to report speed and two clicks to report a traffic incident.
Powerful Search Function embedded in TrafficTweet app allows users to quickly search for traffic conditions anywhere in the world.

“Time after time existing traffic reporting services show a highway to be all clear, yet drivers hop on the highway to find it completely jammed because the data is delayed,” said Barg Upender, founder of Mobomo. “TrafficTweet makes it dead simple for iPhone users to tweet and search for local traffic conditions in real time – bringing the days of unexpected and unpleasant surprises on the road to an end.”
Unlike existing smartphone traffic apps that rely on collecting proprietary data and require driver-generated information to roll-out service in each market, TrafficTweet employs a community approach via the public Twitter feed so that drivers are not limited to data for road conditions on major arteries in major cities. And while other Traffic apps track drivers’ whereabouts at all times once the user agrees to terms & conditions, TrafficTweet users choose when and where they want to report their location and road conditions.

“With the click of a single button, TrafficTweet is really the first way for drivers to, in effect, let off some steam about driving conditions in an easy, safe and productive way that allows other drivers to benefit from real-time updates tweeted by the community,” adds Upender. “And by leveraging the Twitter platform so drivers can report conditions of any road or region – no matter how rural – TrafficTweet is truly global from day one.”

Upender, most recently a founding partner with Intridea, an innovative web development company, is a serial entrepreneur and technologist with 20 years of experience in commercial software product development. He was recently selected by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the Top 100 Tech Titans for 2009, and is an alumnus of the prestigious MindShare CEO network based in the DC-metro area.

TrafficTweet iPhone application is currently available for download in the Apple iTunes App Store at a cost of $0.99 for a limited time. To download the app or for additional information on TrafficTweet, visit here.

About Mobomo
Mobomo designs and builds smart applications for smart phones; connecting mobile to Web with applications that fundamentally simplify, enhance and change the way people work, live and play. The firm is singularly focused on developing engaging products on smart phones in the consumer and enterprise markets. Mobomo has deep expertise in Apple iPhone, Google Android, Palm Pre, RIM Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS. For additional information on Mobomo, visit

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