Bloodbank on Facebook by www.KIPL.Net

KIPL.Net is primarily a turnkey New Media Consulting firm for more then a decade based in India and Singapore.

Given below is the link for recently launched Social Application ‘Bloodbank on Facebook’. This will be one of the KIPL.Net’s 20th applications in the past few months on Social Networks.


The same is the first ever easy use to Blood Bank Application on Face book ever designed by any Indian firm.

Given below are some of things KIPL.Net does in the New Media Space.

Conceptualizing, launching and managing websites / portals for clients, creating and adding new interactive content and converting the same into a high traffic online business destination.

Using search engines and social networks to create brand awareness and reach out to potential customers / partners who might be interested and would be looking out for services that your firms provide.

Conceptualizing, launching and managing unique viral marketing tools / applications.

Creating a very high quality buzzword across the web and mobile in targeted Geographic locations.

Developing highly addictive and unique social network applications (i.e. Facebook and iPhone applications) to cross promote client services and products.

Capitalizing on their past experience, KIPL provides turnkey services ranging from business analysis, consulting, project implementation, marketing and support.

Besides this KIPL.Net has a mega play on Mobile Application, Mobile VAS and Premium Content space under two different brands where they create, customize and distribute content across selected parts EMEA.

KIPL’s client list includes names like Tata Group, Orange, P & G, Reliance, Yahoo, GE, Star TV, HDFC Bank and many more

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