Pinball Ride For iPhone, A Game That Lets You Compete Against Facebook Friends

We announce the creation of Massive Finger (, a video game studio focusing exclusively on new connected platforms such as iPhone and Facebook to provide new game experiences.

iPhone and Facebook platforms, adopted rapidly by users, continue to evolve at a very fast pace, and are providing more and more services to developers and users.

Today’s announcement comes with the development of the studio’s first title : Pinball Ride for iPhone, a pinball game with an online competition system and social features. This game is exclusive to iPhone and iPod Touch product lines, and will be available on Apple App Store.

The goal of the game is to reach the highest score within the limit of a number of given balls. To build this high score, the player must progress through various challenges and unlock Jackpots offered by the table. Precision and focus are key to the player’s success.

The game offers a long list of challenges you will have to pass to maximize your score, using targets, bumpers, ramps. It also provides the classic rewards of “multi-balls” and “extra ball”.

Facebook Connect allows players to compete asynchronously against their Facebook friends. It gives players and friends their rank based on score, and lets players compare their game profiles. It also allows players to share game stories directly through the game itself.

Pinball Ride reproduces the physics of a real pinball machine that will please pinball fans, and runs at a very smooth frame rate to render an authentic feel. For instance, flipper controls are precisely tuned to replicate the feel of real pinball and make the game easy to learn but hard to master.

Pinball Ride features a unique table with an original universe and offers story progression through an illustrative style. The style is supported by an original soundtrack created exclusively for the table.

“Pinball Ride has been designed with the iPhone in mind to provide an experience where the player creates content for his social network by playing, and where bringing friends adds value to the game.” – Laurent Mascherpa, CEO of Massive Finger.

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