Quickoffice(R) Launches Webinar Series and Leverages Social Media to Enhance Customer Service and Communications

Quickoffice, Inc., the leading global provider of mobile office productivity software, today announced the implementation of live Webinars and new communities on Facebook and Twitter for better interaction with end-users. The Webinars will provide exclusive demonstrations of new feature enhancements and discuss key benefits to mobile professionals using Quickoffice’s line of productivity software. Quickoffice is offered across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian platforms. Each video Podcast will be archived and available on the company’s Web site and Apple’s iTunes store.
Quickoffice’s products enable customers to access, view, edit and share Microsoft Office documents. The newest product, Quickoffice for iPhone, is the first integrated Office suite to bring Word and Excel editing to the platform. The company also offers each component of the suite as separate applications, for those consumers wishing to purchase just Word or Excel editing, Quickword and Quicksheet, respectively. Quickoffice Files is the file-sharing separate application. To help support the launch of its social media initiatives, Quickoffice is offering its iPhone products at a discounted price. Quickoffice Suite is $12.99 for the first 10,000 buyers, Quicksheet and Quickword are $4.99 and Quickoffice Files is $.99, each for the first 1,000 buyers.

Quickoffice Premier 6.0 is the world’s leading mobile Office suite, shipping on tens of millions of Symbian devices worldwide. Quickoffice for Android, available in the Android Market and embedded on upcoming phones, allows users to manage Word and Excel files. In addition, eOffice for BlackBerry enables native Office viewing and editing, and is compatible with all BlackBerry devices.

Quickoffice also launched a Facebook Fan page, located at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Quickoffice/80930822730. Engaging with consumers on this popular social networking site, the page will include corporate news, product images, video demos, archived video Podcasts, user contests, reviews, a discussion board and other notes frequently updated by Quickoffice executives.

“We are committed to being transparent and open in our communications to customers regarding our upcoming products, partners and overall company direction,” said Alan Masarek, CEO of Quickoffice. “As we bring our product to leading mobile platforms, we are seeing our customers wanting to communicate with us across a multitude of new channels. Quickoffice’s new social media initiatives will ensure we consistently delight our customers with top-notch product updates, provide an open forum for bi-directional communications and provide highly-responsive customer care.”

Customers can also follow the company on Twitter.com/quickoffice. Currently, Quickoffice is hosting a weekly contest, awarding one user a $250 iTunes gift card for tweeting how Quickoffice’s applications have proven useful.

To sign up for the Webinar series, please visit http://www.quickoffice.com/webinars/

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