SliderPLUS X and Motion Kit 4-axis motion control system

Edelkrone has launched another motion control product for videographers. The SliderPLUS X & Motion Kit is a slider and motion head combo that offers 4 axes of control – slide, pan, tilt and focus, all controllable via a smartphone app.

The system allows you to lock the lens and focus onto a subject for a slide. You can program complex motion by movements the head and slider manually to ‘record’ the motion and it’s possible to create looping sequences as well. Edelkrone is still working on a number of features that will be added at a later stage via app and firmware updates respectively. Eventually users will be able to convert programmed motion paths into time-lapse or stop-motion animations and the camera will be controllable during live recordings. You’ll also be able to program your lenses into the system, so focus calibration can be saved for future use.

The SliderPLUS X & Motion Kit will set you back $3,700, $1,000 for the slider and $2,700 for the Motion head. That’s a serious investment, but given the rig might help set your videography apart from the competition it could well be worth it from a business point of view.

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