Todoist 2.1 for Android

Todoist 2.1 now uses the power of Google Now for adding new tasks to those lists of reminders.
Todoist android
When you open Google Now (or just say “OK Google” in Android KitKat) and say something like, “note to buy bread,” a “Buy bread” task will be created automatically, without ever having to enter the actual app.

In DashClock, enable the Todoist extension and— without having to unlock your device— get a glimpse of how many tasks you have for the day, overdue tasks, or tasks for the whole week.

Todoist free app:
• Synchronize your tasks across all your devices!
• Save your todo list to the cloud (
• Add and manage unlimited tasks and sub-tasks
• Get organized with powerful features such as due dates, recurring dates, sub-tasks, task priorities, and colored projects
• Organize tasks into projects and sub-projects
• Access your task manager while being offline
• Leverage amazing widgets, actionable notifications, and advanced settings

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