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Investigate Photography in the Cloud New Image Frontiers. Defining the Future of Photography by Matthew Bamberg

California photographer, Matthew Bamberg guides photographers in learning to use cloud services such as Dropbox, Carbonite, iCloud, Flickr, Picasa and Amazon Cloud Drive to host and publish their photography in the new book “Photography Applications for the Cloud,” which hits the bookshelves in early May.

Topics covered include photo resolution, cropping, saturation, portfolios, hosting, file types (including audio files) and sizes. “’Photography Applications for the Cloud’ is an opportunity for beginning and intermediate photographers to explore how to make all of their photos available online so that they can be accessed with any device—ipads, mobile devices and laptops,” Bamberg explained.

He added, “The book presents information on a variety of photography topics to assist photographers in creating an online venue for their photographs, detailing the best and most affordable ways to manipulate, manage, share and publish new and existing images.”

The book details the best ways to ensure that photos remain at their original resolutions throughout the uploading, editing and downloading process (including working with Raw files). The book explains how the cloud’s hardware and software infrastructure work together to safely store and manage a photography portfolio and how to use various cloud platforms by giving step-by-step directions for a variety of online photo storage, sharing/hosting, editing and management platforms.

Bamberg sees photography storage and hosting as a method to record history and family activities of this and past generations who experienced the photographic process. Also, by taking advantage of state-of-the-art Internet “Cloud” technology, photographers have an excellent opportunity to share their photographic vision to a large audience now and in the future.

Bamberg’s last book, “New Image Frontiers—Defining the Future of Photography” has received outstanding reviews and has had high rankings from for several weeks. He has taught The History of Fine Art Photography and Beginning HDR Photography for UCR-Extension and Cal State-Extension. He has a Masters in Creative Arts from San Francisco State University’s Inter-Arts Center.

This is the eighth book about technology and photography from Matthew Bamberg, a writer and photographer whose company by the same name has produced published products for education and technology for nearly a decade.

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