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WebOS 3.0 Beta Leaked

HP recently released its WebOS 3.0 SDK to developers. Devs who get a prerelease version of an OS are generally bound under a strict “don’t show people what we have” agreement, but that hasn’t stopped one from doing just that, sending a copy, which they ran in emulation to put the OS through its paces. And it looks decidedly cool, reports Cnet.

“As one might expect from a beta of a touch-based tablet OS, the new version of WebOS, which is destined for HP’s announced TouchPad tablets and likely a new generation of Pre smartphones, looked something like iOS for the iPad in some ways (for better or worse).
That said, it also appears to have a few innovative features that improve over Apple’s implementation, such as a three-paned e-mail view, better organization of browser windows, and an excellent-looking notification system.

In addition, 3.0 interestingly abandons Google’s pervasive maps in favor of Microsoft’s Bing maps. The new map app, like most of the others, is seen in the video after the jump, and it’s impressive.”

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