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Google Enables SPDY HTTP in Chrome Browser

Google has enabled SPDY HTTP in it’s Chrome Browser. “Google enabled SPDY for Chrome in mid-January 2011 in a limited way, but is now running Chrome with SPDY, which replaces portions of HTTP and adds a few features at 100% over its own servers.”, reports Conceivablytech.

“The result is a dramatically increased page load performance that only works between Chrome (as it includes SPDY support) and Google’s servers (which supports the features for Google sites.) In effect, Google sites should load much faster in Chrome than in any other web browser.

SPDY is designed to overcome the shortcomings of HTTP, which was first documented in 1995 and related to web content that was much simpler than what we are developing and consuming today. Both TCP and HTTP have evolved into a bottleneck of data downloads and are constantly under scrutiny how these protocols can be made much more efficient in today’s world.

Google said that it saw pageload times to improve by 44 to up to 64%”

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