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Geosocial Android App Announced

Woomark announced the launch of its new location-based geosocial network and Application for Android mobile devices.

Technology has evolved and the raise in popularity of Google maps, Street View and GPS, has created opportunities for new services like Foursquare, Yelp, Qype and Woomark to emerge.

Looking for places of interest anywhere in the world, such as a skydiving center in Autralia, places to practice Parkour in the UK, insolite restaurants in Italy, places to play Poker in Germany or places to go out in Moscow, is now made easy with the Woomark location-based services and Android App.

Users can register to Woomark for free by using their existing Facebook, Google or Yahoo accounts and can add, share and discover places around them either from the website or directly from their mobile application using the GPS.

The Woomark web and mobile applications allow users to connect with like-minded people, to explore places of interests based on location and posted by other users. They can then share those one they like on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Stumbleupon and other popular services.

Users can also join groups, create new ones, follow other users “a la Twitter” and even send each other private messages to get in touch.

Woomark is fully integrated into Google maps and Street view and users can get directions to places and get a print-friendly summary of their directions.

Visit for more details.

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