Really Strategies Announces RSuite Cloud™

Really Strategies announced the availability of RSuite Cloud™, a web-based editorial and production system for automated multilingual publishing to print, web, and eBook formats. RSuite Cloud is a hosted end-to-end content management and publishing system for book publishers to create, manage, and distribute single-source content to multiple channels. The system also provides language translation tools to publish in 70 languages, including all major European, Asian, and bidirectional languages.

“Publishers have been asking us for a publishing system that will help them generate new e-Book revenue streams and simultaneously reduce their production-related costs,” stated Dan Dube, senior vice president of cloud solutions at Really Strategies. “We are thrilled to respond with RSuite Cloud, so publishers can focus on developing new products to drive top-line revenue rather than focus on labor-intensive production processes.”

RSuite Cloud is available on a per-user license or Pay-Per-Page™ model. Pay-Per-Page is a revolutionary payment model where the software is free of charge and the publisher only pays for final pages published from the system.

RSuite Cloud readily accepts Microsoft Word manuscripts into the system and automatically converts the Word files to XML for web-based copyediting and automated page composition. Production workflows are easy to setup and execute to generate page proofs and eBook drafts for content review and approval. The system is configured to automatically publish print-ready PDF files, HTML output, and eBook formats. RSuite Cloud’s language translation tools facilitate localization of content, enabling publishers to expand their markets and increase global revenues.

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