Pay Per Page Mobile Internet

Allot Communications and Openet, suppliers to companies including AT&T and Verizon showed off a new product, which included a PowerPoint presentation showing how it is possible for your wireless provider to monitor everything you do online and charge you extra for using Facebook, Skype or Netflix.

“For instance, in the seventh slide of the above PowerPoint, a Vodafone user would be charged two cents per MB for using Facebook, three euros a month to use Skype and $0.50 monthly for a speed-limited version of YouTube.

“Allot and Openet also have an idea for how the carriers can make more money off of movies, what they called “split billing” — a way of allowing internet service providers to get a slice of the money that online movies companies are being paid by customers.

In this case, a customer can watch a 15-minute preview of a movie for free. If she doesn’t order the film, the company that served up the film would pay the carrier for the bandwidth used. But if the customer pays to watch the movie, then the ISP gets a cut of the money paid to the online movie service.:

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