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Partition a Hard Drive with Aomei Partition Assistant

If you have partitions on your computer’s hard drive, then it is not exactly the same but serves same purpose as having different hard drives. According to Aomei Technology, one of the primary objectives to have a partition in your hard drive is to distinguish an operating system from user work and data files. By doing this the user’s files remain intact even if you have to reinstall the operating system files. Also, if you are preparing a single disk as a multi-boot set up, then you must have different partitions for every system.

Many users might opt for Windows built-in disk manager for partitioning purpose. But there are many users also who like to use third party windows partition manager (like Aomei’s Partition Assistant) available in the market having more exciting features and are comparatively more easy to use.

Partition Assistant Home Edition — a free partition utility from Aomei Technology — will allow you to create, format, delete, or repartition in your hard disk. Furthermore, through the partition manager, you can also hide, unhide, move or resize the existing partitions keeping your data absolutely intact. When you buy a new hard drive, you must partition or format before using it. Please refer to the detailed instruction, “How to Partition a Hard Drive” on its website.

Because Partition Assistant is available at your disposal for disk partition and other disk related functionalities, thus, your work with your computer’s hard drive is now much easy. Partition Assistant Home Edition is completely free of charge to suit your needs and also support 32bit operating system such as Windows 7, Vista, 2000 and XP.

Besides, Partition Assistant is available in two different editions: Professional Edition and Server Edition. Pro Edition runs in Windows 7/Vista/2000/XP (both 32bit and 64bit) and costs $29.00. The Partition Manager Server Edition covers all functions of the Partition Assistant Pro Edition as well as supports Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2000, costing $95.92.

About Aomei Technology:
Aomei Technology has been devoting to computer software and hardware research and IT services for a long time. This enterprise focuses on disk partition development as well as provides high quality products to meet the clients’ needs. For more information, please visit the website:

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