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Adventures in Social Media Show

Adventures in Social Media released their second video and audio this week with some great news, and fun stories.

Hosts Bob Liddle and Gary Davis reviewed the news items in an entertaining format that is fun, fast and easy to watch and listen.

Burglars use Facebook and Twitter. Interesting that thieves are using Social Media to see what you have, and how to get it. So the deal is, you post on Facebook, you are going out of town, you have also posted pictures of your Plasma TV. Burlars put 2 and 2 together and concoct a heist.

The Republican Party is playing catch up with Social Media, using Twitter and Facebook, they are learning how to connect. Listen to the podcast for commentary.

Arrested for eating Iguana? Yep. a couple of folks were “smart” enough to cook up Iguana “read Illegal” and post it on their Facebook pages. Bad idea.

Fun and inspiring people to follow on Twitter? How about Demi Moore, Punky Brewster, Pete Carroll and Tony Robbins. We discuss them all. Don’t forget the beautiful Kathy Ireland, now a motivator.

Adventures in Social Media has named Leo Laporte of Leoville and This Week in Tech, and the Tech Guy as their Social Guru of the week, learn more about Leo.

Bob and Gary are not scared of anything as witnessed by their “meme of the week” Chuck Norris and the phenomenon that is Chuck Norris. “there is no “ctrl” button on Chuck Norris’s computer. Chuck Norris is always in control.”

The show wraps up with a hilarious video from College Humor and a number of memorable Facebook updates that you can use on your own pages.

Adventures in Social Media is an entertaining half hour of learning and laughs all about the wacky and interesting in Social Media. A little bizarre, truly witty, and fun, and you may accidentally learn something.

Find Bob and Gary at or on Facebook or on Twitter. New show is released every Wednesday.

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