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Networking with a Heart comes to Dallas/Fort Worth

This September begins a new era in networking for the women of Dallas/Fort Worth. Powerful You! Women’s Network will hold its first Dallas/Fort Worth meeting on September 17, 2009. The network welcomes women from all walks of life who are seeking connections with other women for business and personal growth. Powerful You! meetings provide time for networking, personal promotions (aka 30-second commercials), a speaker presentation, the sharing of business and personal growth strategies and a gratitude share.

“Our network is as unique as the many different women who are attracted to attend.” says Sue Urda, Co-Founder of Powerful You! “Women helping women is a beautiful example for creating communities that work together. We call what we do Networking with a HeartTM and our mission is based upon the Universal Laws of Attraction and Abundance as well as the knowledge that businesses and lives are built upon meaningful relationships. Our meetings are designed to facilitate these relationships.”

The Dallas/Fort Worth meetings will be held on the third Thursday of each month. The meetings are at 11:30AM to 1:30 PM at Ferraris’ Italian Villa, 1200 William D. Tate, Grapevine, TX. For more information, please call Lynn Smith at 817-773-7190 or Juli Miezejeski at 908-399-6092, or visit

“I am excited to share my gift of professional coaching with the members of Powerful You! and to gather new friends.” Juli Miezejeski, co-facilitator

Powerful You! recognizes that through regular and consistent meetings women create beautiful, long-lasting, reciprocal ties that strengthen and assist the growth of businesses and enhance personal relationships. Because the group also welcomes women who do not represent a business, product or company, the diversity of attendees lends itself to multi-faceted discussions, new perspectives, sharing and growth.

“I joined Powerful You! with the intention of building relationships with other women that will empower me both personally and professionally.” Lynn Smith, co-facilitator

Meetings are open to all women from business owners, corporate executives and non-profit companies to women who do not have a job or a company to represent. Membership in the group is not required to attend meetings, although there are many benefits of being a member including a personal profile on the corporate website for worldwide access, the opportunity to speak at the monthly meetings, free Tele-Networktm Meetings twice each month and discounts to all Powerful You! meetings and events.

“Experts tell us that networking is all about showing up, building relationships and creating connections that serve all parties.” says Sue Urda. “The most valuable connections in business and in life are created on the principles of mutual respect, acceptance and an attitude of sharing, giving and receiving. That’s what’s so amazing about our Members; they are all in it for the highest and best good of the group. The meetings truly are powerful!”

Powerful You! currently has 31 chapters in 10 states and is expanding rapidly. For more information on the Powerful You! Women’s Network and meeting details, please visit

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