Businesses With Hosted Social Networks See Increase In Staff Productivity

Companies should be utilising a hosted social network in order to reap the benefits of improved communication, both internally between employees and externally with their consumers according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of web community software for brands.

An online community can be used to facilitate internal interaction and communication, in an environment where files can be shared and used with ease. A social network presents the possibility for internal horizontal influence, whereby almost every individual within the enterprise enjoy the same level of influence within the network.

A white label social network also improves communication with the consumer fan base in the outside world, providing a wider platform for the delivery of brand messages and other content. On a broader scale, the social network serves as a focal point for a business online, improving customer engagement and brand awareness through the medium of the internet.
Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, commented: “Companies should see a social networking platform as a method of internal communication as well as a way of successfully engaging and delivering campaign messages to its consumers. Enhanced internal communications greatly improves productivity, meaning that the company will benefit from the network directly as well as profiting indirectly through commercial results such as sales.”

Reality Digital’s Opus platform offers the potential for a high quality social network, incorporating all of the latest networking innovations such as high definition video content, and mobile upload capabilities to facilitate the latest generation of user generated content.

The platform comes ready to be customised to integrate the look and feel of any brand, regardless of size, providing an extended level of flexibility that allows for further creative additions. All of the technology is managed by Reality Digital, meaning that brands can be sure that both internal and external communications will always run smoothly through the network.

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