Box for Android 2.0

. November 15, 2012

Box for Android 2.0 preview has been announced that that includes lots of new features.

Box for Android 2.0

Most notable in this release is the introduction of document preview capabilities on your mobile device, just like the preview you already love on the Box web app. Ever wanted to just peek at a document or flip through a slide deck without having to download the whole thing and wait for it to open in a third-party app? Now you don’t have to. Just stay right there on the file details screen and watch as the contents of the file get rendered right inside the Box app.

More than 75 different types of files can be previewed right on your Android device – Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDFs, Photoshop files, you name it!

Combine this with the ability to swipe left and right between files and you’ve got one very slick document browser. Since all the text is now readable (instead of just a file icon), finding the file you want doesn’t require you to open and close every file in a folder anymore. It works wonders on pictures, too – so now you also have a portable slideshow player for all those photos you’ve stored on Box!

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