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LoginRadius is a Software As A Service (SAAS) which enables social login through providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and 15 others, on a third party website. LoginRadius is built on two key principles that underlies all of our work: first, to eliminate the registration process from the point of view of an end-user, allowing users to log in without creating another username and password, and second, to allow website owners to add OpenIDs/oAuths on their websites without knowledge of advanced programming and without the need to research APIs for individual ID providers. LoginRadius successfully meets these goals and also functions independently of technological platform, i.e. it works everywhere!

LoginRadius has made adding social logins a quick and easy process. Website owners first customize the social login interface by selecting their desired ID providers, login interface, social icon theme, and language via the LoginRadius admin interface, after which they get a small piece of HTML code to add to their website. It’s as simple as that! We have also released our add-ons for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and osCommerce. With our add-ons, it’s a matter of minutes to add social login to the above CMS websites.

We also offer a Social Sharing solution which allows end-users to share content on a client’s website with over 90 networks to choose from. Our service also includes Social Counter, a new solution that combines social plugins such as Facebook’s Like button, Twitter’s Tweet button, Google+’s +1 button, etc., into a single widget.

For registered users, we also fetch and deliver User Profile Data, which can be stored in the ­client’s database. Website owners have quick and easy access to these data, and through it, can better understand their user-base. Our advanced Social Analytics solution provides additional insight into the website’s performance and user-base and can be used to narrow down key marketing and sales strategies.

How is LoginRadius different than other services?
We’d like to quick go over what give us an edge over existing services in the market:
1. FREE service: LoginRadius is a free service and will remain free! Our mission is to support the OpenID movement and make it accessible and affordable to everyone.
2. It works everywhere: We developed LoginRadius to function independently of technological platform! It works everywhere. Currently, we have SDKs for PHP, .NET, Java, and Python, as well as add-ons for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and osCommerce. Clients can also develop their own SDKs and add-ons.
3. 24/7 Tech Support: We believe a product is incomplete if it isn’t accompanied by 24/7 tech support, especially if the product supports login functionality crucial to every website. Thus, we provide round the clock support, which is free as well.
4. Login design & social icon themes: Our clients can select login interface designs as well as select icon theme and icon size for their website. This allow them to customize LoginRadius as per their website design!
5. Global Service: Currently, we support 9 languages for the login interface, and our add-ons are available in 7 languages. We’ll be adding more over time. Our 24×7 tech support is part of global initiative by letting clients get immediate assistance regardless of their time zone.
6. Cloud computing: Our service is highly reliable as LoginRadius’s SaaS runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, giving us 99.95% up time. End-users will rarely have issues logging in through LoginRadius to client websites.
7. Social Media Solutions under one umbrella: LoginRadius has brought 4 major solutions, namely Social Login, Social Sharing, Social Counter, and Social Analytics, under one umbrella!

Website http://www.loginradius.com


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