Using Evernote for Writing Anywhere

. November 2, 2011 . 0 Comments

James Kendrick writing on zdnet blog has posted an interesting article ” Evernote: Secret weapon for writing anywhere

Whenever I write about working mobile, since I often detail using some gadget or another, I hear from readers who ask why I don’t just carry a laptop everywhere. That’s a logical question, but real life doesn’t unfold the way we plan. The reality is that in my busy life I often write in moments of opportunity, using whatever gadgetry I have in hand. The key ingredient to my mobile writing is the note-taking service from Evernote.

When I am ready to edit and publish using the WordPress system, I open Evernote on the computer and copy the entire article. Those who use WordPress are familiar with the problems many editors have with text pasted from other systems. Weird characters are often the result of such efforts, but there is a way around it. Rather than paste the text in the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress, I paste it in the HTML editor. This strips off any invisible control characters that might be in the copied text.”


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