Leica MP Mechanical Rangefinder Review

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Jon Snyder has written a great review of the all-mechanical version of the Leica MP on Wired.

“The MP is a stripped-down machine that only presents the bare essentials. It doesn’t have any of the trappings of its high-tech cousins. (And yes, this is a film camera.) Even its solid, all-metal construction with brass top and bottom plates is an anomaly: It’s rare not to see or feel any plastic in such a small camera these days. The MP skips any garish branding, too. The Leica “red dot” logo found on the front of most of the company’s cameras is oddly absent. Not that the lack of logo would fool anyone from correctly guessing what brand of very expensive gear is hanging around your neck.

To test it, I did what a proper Leica owner would do: I hit the streets.

Street shooting has traditionally been a tough gig, since you have to rely on your skills of timing, judgement and, most of all, stealth.”

Read full article: hhttp://www.wired.com/reviews/2011/06/leica-mp/

The Leica MP is a 35 mm film camera manufactured by Leica Camera AG and was introduced in 2003. It is an all-mechanical rangefinder focusing camera that follows in a long line of cameras since the Leica M3 was introduced in 1954. The camera uses the Leica M Bayonet Mount which accepts all Leica bayonet-mount lenses (21 mm through 135 mm) made since 1954. The ‘MP’ designation stands for “mechanical perfection. – Wikipedia.org

Lecia MP homepage: http://en.leica-camera.com/photography/m_system/mp/


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