Glide Instantly Post Any Files Stored on Your Free Glide 30GB GDrive to Twitter and Facebook

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Glide has launched new “social file posting” to Facebook and Twitter. Now post any files stored on your Glide GDrive including; photos, photo albums, music, music playlists, video, video playlists, documents, bookmarks, web content and more to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Glide gives you 30GBs of free online storage to upload and sync files from all of your devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones as well as tools to capture and manage web content.
Glide’s new social posting tools do the work for you. Upload your files once and Glide’s automated compatibility engine formats your files for easy posting to Twitter and Facebook. Glide also automatically captures and converts web content into personal files that can also be posted. Glide’s automated device recognition makes sure that people who view your posts receive files they can access on different devices and networks.
The Glide Cloud operating system includes a full suite of productivity applications and web capture and conversion tools making it possible to create and edit content online including documents, presentations, photos, drawings and websites. This content can be shared securely and privately through Glide’s rights based collaboration tools as well as posted to Facebook, Twitter and Glide’s own social/private networking application Engage.
“Glide’s new social posting tool adds a powerful file synchronization, media management, collaboration and productivity backend to Twitter and Facebook enabling you to create, consolidate and manage files from all of your devices in the cloud and seamlessly share through your favorite social networks,” said Donald, Leka, Chairman and CEO of TransMedia. “By leveraging the Glide Cloud operating system Facebook and Twitter users now have a host of new features to significantly enhance these services for social and business use.”
Glide provides cross platform compatibility for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Android Honeycomb, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry Tablet OS (QNX), iOS, webOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile users based on automated device identification and file transcoding.

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