Twitter Suspends Popular Mobile Apps

. February 19, 2011 . 0 Comments

Twitter has shut down popular mobile apps such as UberTwitter, UberCurrent, and twidroyd, writes Tony Bradley on PCWorld.

“The Twitterverse is abuzz with news that Twitter suspended popular mobile apps such as UberTwitter, UberCurrent, and twidroyd today. The services had not recently changed anything about the functionality or behavior of the apps, which leads one to wonder why Twitter suddenly decided to shut them down.”

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Twitter support said:” We have suspended UberTwitter and twidroyd for violating our policies.

Every day, we suspend hundreds of applications that are in violation of our policies. Generally, these apps are used by a small number of users. We are taking the unusual step of sharing this with you because today’s suspension may affect a larger number of users.

We are committed to helping you continue to use Twitter during the disruption of these applications.”

UberMedia responded that it had made the “very small” changes requested by Twitter, which include changing the name of “UberTwitter” to “UberSocial.


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