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A new whitepaper by Prescient Digital Media describes the “social intranet” as the next step in the evolution of the intranet: one with two or three accessible social media tools (e.g. blogs, wikis) and wide participation from most or all employees with intranet access, ultimately resulting in increased employee engagement, higher adoption rates, and better ROI for an organization’s technology.

In the past year or two, social media on the corporate intranet (intranet 2.0) has become mainstream with up to two-thirds of organizations in the western world having some form of social media on their intranet.

“Despite the many benefits of a social intranet, many organizations don’t plan for their intranet 2.0 initiatives and never get them off the ground” says Toby Ward, president and CEO of Prescient Digital Media. “Assessment and planning are the critical stages to social media success, but are too often overlooked.”

Organizations that haven’t adopted such tools are now in the minority and are flirting with disaster and the ‘global talent crunch’ – the fight for young, talented individuals to replace the rapidly aging and retiring baby boomers.

Though social media tools are simple and inexpensive to deploy (more than half of organizations spend less than $10,000), many organizations are lulled into complacency until the initiative fails.

Highlights of the whitepaper include:

• Definition, prevalence, and importance of social intranets, supported by recent statistics and case studies
• Why social intranets are crucial to securing and engaging the workforce of the future
• Preliminary results of the 2010 Intranet 2.0 Global Study
• Social Intranet Success Matrix, containing key factors to upgrading an organization’s basic intranet to a social intranet.

To view the social media whitepaper, please visit:


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