Multicultural Social Media Monitoring Tool Launched

. March 31, 2010

Target Latino, a multicultural and Latino consumer specialist marketing firm, has introduced a Multicultural Social Media Monitoring tool, SMX Echo, in the United States.

SMX Echo is a Multicultural Market Intelligence Solution that scans for relevant results and automatically analyzes sentiment in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has been named “a tool of choice — especially when it comes to multicultural marketing and public relations campaigns” by the Huffington Post.

“I have evaluated many well-known social media monitoring tools available and what impressed me the most about SMX Echo was its ability to sort through results and bring in the relevant ones without my team’s constant intervention,” said Claudia Goffan, CEO of Target Latino. “One of the finest examples of these incredible results was the use of SMX Echo by the PAN, a political party in Mexico, whose acronym means bread in Spanish and could have brought in an unbelievable amount of non-relevant results with any other tool. Not with SMX Echo.”

SMX Echo has premium setup and support, a multitude of outstanding reports and features and it is highly cost effective. Monitoring social networks and online traditional media for key conversations can be overwhelming, but SMX Echo simplifies the task. The service provides a complete list of relevant results, including a permalink for each entry to the original post, a short snippet of the entry found and source, supporters and detractor’s popularity score. SMX Echo enables clients to perform full current and historical analysis of the buzz about key figures, political parties, companies, brands and competitors.

To see all these features and more, email the Target Latino team at or visit our page on the web at


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