New Service Makes Social Media Easier to Manage

. February 22, 2010 announced today a new service that allows users to post their information once and automatically update their choice of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, WordPress and Tumblr. The new service is the free part of the information broadcasting platform, a comprehensive means for managing digital communications in one place, with one entry.

Co-Founder and CEO Jon Zack stated ”People use a lot of different social media to keep in touch with their friends. Businesses are in the same game with their customers. Yet we know firsthand how time consuming it is to update each one separately. So, we made it faster and easier for them to update everything. And, we made it totally free to use.”

Co-Founder and CTO Rick Morrison said “With our new free service, we are trying to make local information more accessible on social media. We think that what happens in people’s local day-to-day lives is important yet it is still largely missing on social media.”

Zack added “Information portability is a critical problem with fragmented media. Doing it better is key to increasing awareness and getting your information read on the web. It is no longer about just getting people to your website, it is about getting your information to where people are; to where they want to read it. This will help.“

About helps businesses make the most of their online presence by getting their information to the places where people will read it.’s information broadcasting platform allows businesses to reach customers quickly and effectively through a variety of channels, with just one entry. Channels include social media, search engines, websites, blogs and local media.

The company was has offices in San Francisco, California and Flemington, New Jersey.


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