LifePics Launches Facebook Integration (BETA) Through Its OPEN Program

. February 19, 2010

LifePics announced today the BETA launch of its Facebook integration, which allows consumers to share images from their LifePics online account to their Facebook page, as well as add their Facebook images to their LifePics account. The integration is the latest application launched through LifePics’ OPEN program, which gives app developers and affiliate sites the ability to drive users, images, and orders into the LifePics Retail Network.

“We are thrilled with what LifePics has been doing this year to drive us orders,” said Mandy Earnshaw, Lab Manager at Precision Camera. “LifePics’ OPEN program gives our customers more places to access their digital images and send the images to our store to print, and the new Facebook integration is the latest milestone to emerge. We love that our customers can add Facebook photos to their online photo account, and share photos from their online account to their Facebook page. It gives our customers a better overall web experience, and gives us more exposure and value as a photo service provider, which will ultimately lead to more orders to our store.”

A recent article by Seeking Alpha ( indicates that larger photo sites have seen a 37% decrease in photo sharing since 2007, while social networking sites like Facebook are gaining momentum as the industry’s most popular photo sharing sites. With the launch of its OPEN program, LifePics sees its new Facebook integration as only the beginning of its social networking partnerships, and expects that by giving consumers the convenience of accessing their Facebook photos in their online photo accounts, consumers will print their Facebook photos through the LifePics Retail Network.

“Clearly, Facebook has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the photo sharing world,” said Ken McDonald, Vice President of Marketing at LifePics. “Our Facebook integration is a primary example of what potential third party partners can do through our OPEN program; the ability to share and add images between Facebook and LifePics accounts has opened the door for other developers and partners to take our integration to the next level.”


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