ACCA embraces social media to report live from Davos across The Times, The Telegraph and Economist

. February 1, 2010

ACCA, the global body for professional accountants, today harnessed the power of tweetedia™ – the world’s first Twitter Management System – to report live from Davos, the annual world economic forum, via Twitter. The tweetedia™ application will run across The Times, The Telegraph and Economist online.

Created and owned by AdGent 007 Inc., the global digital media services company, tweetedia™ offers advertisers the opportunity to use real time Twitter feeds as part of their campaign.

Launching Friday 29 January and running for three days, the ACCA ‘news team’ will report on the live events from the Davos forum via their Twitter feed – tweetedia™ will then pull these tweets into the widget allowing users of The Times, Telegraph and Economist real time insight and opinion as events unfold. The widget will be ACCA branded and acts as an ad unit – when a user interacts with the widget they will be directed through to the ACCA website.

Twitter is one of the most popular and engaging real-time communication tools on the web. With a simple-to-use interface, advertisers can harness the power of Twitter to create highly-focused, engaging Twitter streams about any subject in the Twitterverse.

For the first time, the tweetedia™ widget offers consumers the opportunity to engage with an ad unit with real time content. Publishers and brands increasingly understand the benefits of social media, and are harnessing products such as tweetedia™ in order to stay relevant to their audience.

This campaign was negotiated between Adgent 007 Inc. and Total Media Group on behalf of ACCA.

Cameron Yuill, founder & CEO at AdGent 007, said: “tweetedia™ gives brands a unique opportunity to make their online advertising more engaging. By tapping into the Twitter zeitgeist and using comments from real customers, brands ensure their advertising is more credible. Advertisers are struggling to get their message heard among the clutter on the Web. Social media tools like tweetedia™ give brands a chance to be noticed by consumers by providing them with content – resulting in a significant upswing in engagement.”


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