7Summits to Leverage Jive Software’s Social Business Software

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7Summits, a new type of Social Business Agency, announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Jive Software designed to deliver more end-to-end social business solutions for enterprises through a combination of Jive’s Social Business Software (SBS) and 7Summits’ Strategic Framework for Applied Social Media.

7Summits provides Social Business Strategy and related services that leverage Jive’s SBS to deliver custom, tailored social communities. Jive SBS is applied to key business imperatives including Customer Service, Product Development, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, and Operations to drive measureable business value. Beyond Facebook and Twitter, an organization building its own community provides more customer insight, direct communications and the ability to measure the effectiveness of how these conversations affect behaviors that directly relate to business performance. Jive’s SBS platform is the proven market leader. 7Summits has focused on building solutions with the platform that should garner interest across industries.

“7Summits is all about Applied Social Media for Business and Jive’s Social Business Software has everything that is needed to deliver on your Social Business Strategy. With Jive’s SBS, we can easily and efficiently execute a strategy that has a direct and measurable impact on improved revenue, reduced cost or both” said Paul Stillmank, President and CEO of 7Summits. “We believe in Jive so much that 7Summits’ web experience is powered completely by Jive. But don’t just listen to us; Gartner and Forrester have ranked Jive at the top of the pile in recently published analyst reports.” Stillmank served as part of Jive’s Expert Panel discussion at JiveWorld09.

“Leveraging social business software and applying social media constructs for business benefit is about more than just technology. Customers need strategy, measurement, and levers to know when refinement and action is needed. We are pleased to have an industry visionary in 7Summits to help us provide a complete solution for our customers”, said Robert Brown, Senior Vice President of Client Services, Jive Software.

About Jive Software Jive frees people to engage in open, natural business conversations and workflows that typically are trapped inside of emails, phone calls or meetings. As the leading enterprise-class suite of SBS applications for Global 2000 companies and governments, Jive combines social networking software, collaboration software, and community software into the first solution to effectively manage employees, customers, and partners on a unified platform built for tens of thousands of users and millions of page views.

About 7Summits Founded in 2009, 7Summits is a Social Business Agency with mission of helping their clients’ customers, employees and partners build their business. 7Summits refers to this as Applied Social Media for Business. 7Summits is dedicated to helping clients apply social media to drive business imperatives. The firm brings deep marketing and social media strategy expertise that helps organizations wade through the hype and focus on moving key operational metrics.


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