Dweeber First Social Network for Homework Collaboration

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SmartWired today announced a new version of Dweeber (www.dweeber.com), the first social networking site for student homework collaboration. Based on positive response from teachers and the need for education technology in the classroom, Dweeber enables students to solve problems together, participate in virtual study sessions, and work with friends in a number of ways. The collaborative whiteboard can be used to solve math problems or to create joint drawings and diagrams. Most importantly, Dweeber allows students to create a SMART profile and discover how they learn best to improve their schoolwork and self esteem. Dweeber is targeted towards students aged 13 and up and is free-of-charge.
“We initially launched Dweeber this past April as a way for students to connect with their friends as a trusted learning resource. The recent updates we have made to the site allow our users to take advantage of the tools Dweeber provides to engage with their classmates and pool their knowledge while doing homework,” said David Peck, Dweeber founder and CEO. “Our ultimate goal is to help make doing homework fun, because we all remember how painful it can be.”

Dweeber’s SMART Profile is one of the key features on the site. Based on years of learning research, the system reveals each student’s natural talents and abilities by discovering what his or her brain needs to excel, and unearthing the things that drive them to do so. Students can also compare their SMART Profile with their friends, to understand each other’s learning style and motivations. Dweeber also allows students to share and rate the best web sites available, and earn guru points for helping friends, sharing successes, and posting learning resources.

High school students on the Youth Advisory Board, as well as teachers trained in the SmartWired methodology, gave important input on the site’s interface and content.

About Dweeber

Dweeber (www.dweeber.com) is a social networking site designed to help teens do homework done faster, easier, and more enjoyably. Students can connect with friends and complete homework assignments at the same time. Dweeber enables students to create a SMART profile and discover how they learn best. It was developed with the feedback of a youth and teacher advisory board and is free-of-charge.


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