MeterNet Launches Webpage VoiceMail v2.0 on Ning

. September 11, 2009 . 0 Comments

MeterNet today announced it is launching the upgraded WebPage VoiceMail Inbox Gadget v2.0 on Ning, the social platform for interests and passions online. By joining forces with Ning, the WebPage VoiceMail service is now available to more than 1.5 million Ning Networks and 33 million Ning Network members. Ning Network Creators now have even greater choice over the features and applications they can add to Ning Networks to create the perfect social experience for a given topic, interest or passion. Today, Ning Apps are available for e-commerce, information, education, causes and entertainment. To see WebPage VoiceMail, please visit the Ning Apps Directory: and select the communication category. There is also a dedicated network for the WebPage VoiceMail Inbox Gadet v2.0 located at

With the upgraded Inbox Gadget v2.0, WebPage VoiceMail subscribers on Ning can easily receive voice messages while protecting their privacy. This is because Webpage VoiceMail is a secure online voicemail system that allows subscribers to receive free message calls from anyone, anywhere, through any computer Internet browser, without revealing their personal email or contact numbers.

Ning Apps extend the Ning Platform by providing more than 90 new diverse and rich applications like WebPage VoiceMail for Ning Network Creators. With Ning Apps, a Ning Network Creator can now add WebPage VoiceMail to expand the functionality of their Ning Network and increase engagement by their members.

WebPage VoiceMail subscribers also enjoy automated 24×7 email notification and online retrieval of their voicemail messages anytime thru their Inbox Gadget on their Ning network(s). With low flat-rate pricing plans for the WebPage VoiceMail service, subscribers also enjoy freedom from any per-minute charges.

The Ning Platform provides a new way for Webpage VoiceMail to reach more people, faster. Rather than being added by individual members, when a Ning Network Creator adds Webpage VoiceMail to their Ning Network, by default it’s available to all members automatically, regardless of whether a Ning Network has 100, 1,000 or 1 million members.

“Ning is committed to being the social platform for the world’s interests and passions,” said Jay Parikh, senior vice president of product engineering. “WebPage VoiceMail is a great example of the innovative and creative set of diverse features Ning Apps offer the more than 33 million members of Ning Networks today.”

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