Anti-To-All-Social-Networks Wooxie Surfaces to GO Micro or GO Macro: A MicMacro?

. September 4, 2009 . 0 Comments

A new social network Wooxie has surfaced, with a Microblogging and Macroblogging feature. The new social network allows users to post short messages (up to 155 characters) and offers a GO Macro feature for 240-1440 character messages. Interesting! So is the MicMacro-blogging idea genius? Is this an innovative way to give options to users on the go and uncramp the long-winded chatter boxes? Or is this just another social network attempting to compete with Twitter and Facebook? You decide.

Time will tell if users start to flock to a network with multiple messaging options. Apparently there are many other features offered too – Featured fans, talk back under posts with emoticons, personal and business photo galleries, links in business galleries, etc. Wooxie’s theme is after the nickname of a real living family dog. And is NOT to be confused with the Anti-Twitter clone Woofer. Wooxie is a Free Social Network that requires account verification and username/password prior to logging in to use their service.

Whether you are a Micro or a Macro, Wooxie is a network worth checking out. Post short messages or extended thoughts, choose categories upon sign-up and much more.

Wooxie is a Free Network:


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