Tycoon Systems Launches Business Game Application on Facebook

. July 25, 2009 . 1 Comment

Tycoon Systems Inc. today announced a new educational business game application built on Facebook Platform. Tycoon Systems’ IndustryMasters application is a real-time multiplayer business game, which provides hands-on entrepreneurial experience for Facebook users worldwide.

“IndustryMasters is an opportunity for Facebook users to challenge their management skills and to grow their business acumen,” said Tycoon Systems CEO Thomas Lehnert. “Players can compete 24/7 in real-time with users from anywhere in the world in this very realistic, multiplayer business simulation game. IndustryMasters is a serious game, an empowering and fun educational experience.”

The IndustryMasters application allows Facebook users to build up their own corporation and to manage their products within a virtual economy, while competing with other players for the highest share price. As they play, users learn and absorb important elements of finance and accounting, corporate strategy and economics. By playing multiple rounds this learning is strongly grounded and embedded.

IndustryMasters on Facebook Platform is open to anyone with an interest in business. Facebook users can easily and instantly access IndustryMasters using their already established Facebook account, without leaving the Facebook Website. They can invite their Facebook friends to join the business game and to become their shareholders. They can also team up with friends to play simultaneously and coordinate strategies using Facebook Chat.

Facebook gives companies and the developer community access to the social graph through Facebook Platform. Using a rich set of tools and online services, developers such as Tycoon Systems are able to build an application that is deeply integrated into the Facebook Website.

About Tycoon Systems

Tycoon Systems was founded in 2005 and is a leading business education software company. Tycoon Systems’ business simulations are used in business education around the globe, in a variety of formats – from custom simulations used in executive education to ready-to-use SCORM compatible business e-learning modules – and now on Facebook Platform.

For more information please visit http://apps.facebook.com/industrymasters


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