Motivity Ecommerce and Content Management System Becomes a Google Website Optimizer Technology Partner

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Motivity™, a website optimization platform, has been recognized by Google as an official Google Website Optimizer™ Technology Partner (WOTEP). Of the thousands of content management (CMS) companies worldwide, there are only seven Google Website Optimizer Technology Partners. Motivity™ is currently the only partner that integrates with Website Optimizer to make ecommerce testing easy.

Motivity’s integration with Google Website Optimizer allows site owners to simultaneously test combinations of website content and layout to determine the best modifications to increase conversion and usability.
CEO, Kayden Kelly says, “Google Website Optimizer is an amazing tool that has the potential to help businesses opt-out of the recession and increase their revenues and market-share. Now integrated into the Motivity™ ecommerce and content management system, it allows marketing teams to easily setup and manage tests without the IT department since no website code needs to be touched.” Kayden Kelly is an evangelist for Google Website Optimizer and believes the tool takes website analysis to a new level that provides actionable data for clients. In a recent Motivity™ client test, Google Website Optimizer helped us to identify an improved page variation that increased the conversion rate 591%. (View the Google Website Optimizer case study)

Motivity™ is focused on improving the user experience of websites through ongoing website testing and analysis. With the integration of other Google tools like Google Analytics™, Webmaster Tools™, and AdWords™, Motivity™ helps you to improve your free and paid advertising so you can drive more, quality traffic to your website.

“Motivity™ is a website optimization platform that measurably drives business growth for ecommerce and B2B lead generation websites” states Ken Colborn, Vice President and Engineering Director of Motivity™, “and the content and ecommerce management capabilities can be customized to meet a client’s exact needs based on their unique business processes.”

To be considered an authorized partner for Google Website Optimizer applicants must demonstrate a history of success and a proficient knowledge of the tools, which Blast Advanced Media has exhibited through numerous articles on the subject published on their blog and web site, speaking and training at various industry related conferences and seminars, and through the documented results Blast has achieved for its clients.

About Motivity:

Motivity™ is the marketing and web site optimization platform for ecommerce and lead generation focused companies. Motivity™ makes it easy for your marketing team to improve campaign ROI and user experience with tools to analyze site activity, make and test changes, manage and verify search optimization and drive more quality traffic. The Google Website Optimizer module makes it easy to run A/B and Multivariate tests anywhere on your site(s). Motivity™ is the product of 10 years of experience and development at Blast Advanced Media, an online marketing and web development agency located in Northern California. Learn more about Motivity’s Ecommerce, CMS and Website Optimization features.


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