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The Branning Group has just launched a feature-packed, independent social networking platform. This package will allow investors and businesses to launch their own social network (like MySpace, Facebook, etc) targeted towards a local and/or niche market. The first site that launched off of the platform is; a social networking site geared towards the artist community.

Alex Branning, the founder and Chief Technology Officer of the Branning Group, was ecstatic when asked about the possibilities: “Our platform will allow investors to leverage their existing relationships to create a stand-alone Internet business with an organically expanding community that is actively involved in content creation and word-of-mouth marketing.” When asked about the security and capabilities of the platform Branning responded, “I learned from the best of the best. My co-workers were a who’s who of social networking development; I have taken those lessons and applied them to a solid, secure code base that can be transplanted into an existing web site or used to create a new online venture.” Branning argues that there is no better time to invest in an online business with the instabilities on Wall Street and the ever-dropping real estate market, saying “an online business provides a constant cash return, provided you have a solid marketing plan to get it started.”

The Branning Group Social Networking Platform comes with the following feature set out of the box: user management (with full statistics and reports); peer relationships through the network (users can become “friends” with each other); micro-blogging, complete content management system; image upload with folder system; activity feed; blog system for members; classifieds system; events broadcasting; internal messaging; powerful search engine that can retrieve content from all areas of the site; a message “wall” that allows users to leave notes on their friends’ profile pages; and many more (see for complete list).

Social networking is a new concept to many people but it has been around for over ten years. What is a social network? A social network is a way for people to make a public profile within a system that will allow them to connect with others. Within the social network a person is able to create content for their specific profile and share it with people that he or she is connected with. The most popular social networks are Facebook and MySpace; many media-centric sites have been adding social components to their sites.

For more information please contact Alex Branning at (661) 946 9008 or go to .


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