XING Partner Ecosystem starts with 16 applications from 13 partners

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The new XING Partner Ecosystem is paving the way for even more diverse ways for the over 7.5 million XING members to benefit from the platform in their daily working lives. At the same time, the launch marks the opening up of the leading European business network for new applications from third-party developers.

A total of 16 applications from XING and 13 new partners from seven countries will be launched step by step on the XING platform from this afternoon onwards. Utilizing the new application platform of the XING Partner Ecosystem, Europe’s leading business network will provide its members with a wealth of business-related apps developed by partner companies. In the coming days, new tools by, Doodle, Dopplr, Deutsche Welle, MindMeister, SlideShare, spreed, travelload, Tungle,, Wallstreet:Online, WELT ONLINE and ZCOPE will be introduced to the platform via the new OpenSocial interface. From news and project management through to travel planning and data sharing – the new apps can be installed free-of-charge at and will be available to all XING members, in addition to the existing features on the XING platform.

Stefan Gross-Selbeck, CEO of XING AG, said: “Working together with our partners, our overriding aim is to make XING even more valuable for our business community. With this goal in mind, the requests and requirements of our members will form the key focus of our efforts as we develop the XING Partner Ecosystem further and select new apps on an ongoing basis.”

New apps will ensure added value for diverse business needs
XING members have a vast range of different professional interests and requirements. Accordingly, applications will provide different degrees of added value for different users. This insight forms the central reason why the launch of the XING Partner Ecosystem incorporates a wide variety of new apps designed for members to make use of XING in even more diverse ways. The first apps to be introduced are targeted primarily at business professionals who collaborate remotely with colleagues and business partners, who travel extensively on business and wish to stay informed about news and current affairs. New apps will be added to the application platform on a continuous basis over the coming weeks. These will complement the apps already developed by XING itself, including the “XING News” and “Ask XING” apps launched in May and the “TwitterBuzz” app launched in June. Uniquely for business networks, the XING Partner Ecosystem will therefore provide a broad mix of international apps that are tailored precisely to specific industries and professions, or have a local focus. Together with new partners, XING will be expanding this spectrum of applications on an ongoing basis.

XING Partner Ecosystem: New opportunities for third-party developers too
Jason Goldberg, Chief Product Officer at XING AG, sees the opening up of the platform as an equally exciting opportunity for XING, its members and third-party developers alike:

“The new XING Partner Ecosystem and the enabling of access to external developers carry immense potential for building on the user value our members can gain from XING. We will be collaborating with both international and regional partners, as we are aware too that most business is local for many of our users. Besides our members, our partners are of course also set to benefit greatly from offering their app to a community of more than 7.5 million users.”

XING actively selects partner companies and requires them to both meet the Company’s strict standards with respect to data privacy and technical and content quality, and also to offer useful business-related services to the largest number of members possible. Mr. Goldberg continues: “We are very pleased about the large response we have already received from third-party developers wishing to work with us. The user feedback we are now receiving will be absolutely key to developing the most relevant apps for our members, together with the very best partners.” Companies interested in partnering with XING can learn more about the XING Partner Ecosystem at

Here’s a summary of the first new partner apps:

Social scheduling:

Doodle is a leading online tool when it comes to find the right time for a group of professionals to meet. It takes away the pain of email volleys and calendar notes and closes the gap between personal calendar systems. On XING, Doodle is enhanced with social features, e.g. you can see meeting polls in progress in common with your contacts.

Tungle, a first in click-to-meet technology, is the simplest way for professionals to make meetings happen. enhances a user’s profile by allowing XING members to view their availability and quickly schedule a meeting by proposing multiple times. When the meeting is booked, everyone’s calendar is automatically updated. Tungle syncs with Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Entourage for Mac.

Collaboration/project management/workspaces:

Huddle Workspaces
Huddle Workspaces offers XING members secure workspaces to privately share information and work together with their connections. Users can store and share files, collaborate on documents and create private discussions. With Huddle Workspaces, documents can be created and edited online, users may also post comments and request approvals. Tasks, whiteboards, phone and web conferencing are available upon synchronising with a free, full account.

MindMeister brings mind mapping to the web, using its facilities for real-time collaboration to allow truly global brainstorming sessions. Users can create, manage and share mind maps online and access them anytime, anywhere through the award-winning web interface. Mind maps are highly useful to brainstorm and share ideas, manage meetings, structure documents and plan projects the easy way.

ZCOPE is an easy to use project management tool for networked teams of all industries working together from remote locations. It follows the agile method and is focussed on the essential in managing projects. Using ZCOPE, teams can share version-controlled documents, communicate via project blogs, and collaborate on tasks.

Collaboration/web meetings:

spreed is a web-based solution for organizing web meetings, online conferences and presentations in Europe and around the world. Using spreed, XING members can hold free-of-cost web meetings and telephone conferences, give presentations, distribute documents, or simply meet online with attendees.
That means: they reserve a meeting room, invite participants, and present themselves and their ideas to the audience, live on the Internet.


SlideShare allows XING members to upload PowerPoint presentations, Word or PDF documents, share them with other members, and to find expert presentations on a wide number of topics. XING members can use SlideShare to embed presentations or documents into their profile, and show off their expertise, product, or service to their network: yet another way to get even more business leads.


Dopplr: Where Next?
Dopplr is an online service for smarter travel. It helps you share your travel plans privately with friends and colleagues. It spots co-incidences and helps you make more of your trips. For example, it can tell you that three people you know will be in Tokyo when you are there next week. Dopplr’s Social Atlas helps you discover good places to eat, stay and explore while traveling.

travelload helps frequent travelers organize their trips, manage itineraries, and more. Create a personalized route itinerary, and post it on your XING profile, or download essential trip info onto your smartphone or mobile device, and take it with you wherever you go.


Deutsche Welle
Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster that produces television, radio and online content in 30 languages. Its unique mix of news, background information and cultural highlights offers European insights to international issues to people around the world. The “DW News app” offers XING members the possibility to integrate current news from Deutsche Welle into their profile. Every member can adjust the settings to meet their needs. Besides selecting a language, it is also possible to illustrate subject headings in different ways.

For the numerous XING members in the Finance industry, the wallstreet:online app is the ideal accompaniment to a XING profile. wallstreet:online is the largest and most active financial community in Germany. Users can create virtual portfolios and watch lists, read news and view detailed analyses and opinions. By linking stock details to the latest community postings, the wallstreet:online app puts detailed market info just a mouseclick away.

With one of the largest circulations in Germany and a broad range of press coverage, the online news portal WELT ONLINE keeps XING readers up-to-date and in-the-know on a daily basis – extensive background coverage and topical stories. Users can filter news accordingly to their own interests and view these news items directly on their start page. They can also find out what other people are reading, and share views on specific issues and current affairs with both the XING and WELT ONLINE communities.

Edutainment: – CareerCamp
XING users can check their career opportunities at the CareerCamp by taking tests on a variety of subjects such as etiquette, general knowledge or personality. Users can also see their ranking among all participants, or just their contact network. The app also features news and links to interesting and most latest articles on, the online portal of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s largest daily quality newspaper.

About XING:
XING is the leading European online business network. Over 7.5 million members use XING in 16 languages to do business, find jobs, and pursue a career. XING helps members get connected and stay in touch with their contacts with customized networking solutions and services. Members are active on XING because of the real value generated, with XING Jobs, over 26 thousand specialized groups, and over 90 thousand live networking events a year, organized by members for members.
XING AG went public in December 2006 as the first Web 2.0 company to do so. A continual increase in membership figures leads to increasing revenues and profits. XING AG is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and has local offices in Barcelona, Istanbul and Milan.
XING. Powering Relationships.


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