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. July 22, 2009 . 0 Comments

SupplyFrame, Inc. today announced the launch of a new service for technical professionals to quickly retrieve information on electronic components using Twitter. Datasheeter, the name of the new service, allows Twitter users to view component specifications through any Twitter application or web site.

The Datasheeter search tool, also known as a bot, is the evolution of several ideas for assisting engineers around the world to get quick access to accurate technical information. SupplyFrame Media previously has created purpose-built websites and widgets to assist users. The emergence of Twitter opened the door to a new and powerful channel for SupplyFrame to reach out and help engineers on the desktop. By giving engineers and purchasing professionals alternates to generic search engines and websites, Datasheeter not only makes getting job tasks done easier but also allows people to use their favorite tools for communicating and gathering information.

“It’s all about saving people time,” said Jeff Curie, VP of Marketing at SupplyFrame. “Twitter encourages tweeters to use any client software or website they chose. Today, we are leveraging the fact that there are many popular desktop Twitter applications sitting at the fingertips of engineers. Datasheeter allows people to pull technical specs on products in a couple of seconds using their Twitter client. Compared to hunting with browsers and Google, using Twitter can get the job done faster.”

Engineers should follow Datasheeter on Twitter here:

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