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. July 22, 2009 . 0 Comments, a blog backup & service company that is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable names in in blog backup security, has launched a new tool that expands its services to Twitter accounts.

The Twitter backup service saves and organizes tweets, follow lists, and other important aspects of the user’s Twitter account. In the event that the data is lost, users will be able to retrieve all of their backed up updates, lists of the users who they are following, and lists of all users following them.

The service also organizes tweets into daily caches, which allows users to quickly and easily find specific tweets and information later on.

Bloggled developed this innovative service as Twitter continues to grow and expand to new audiences. Largely regarded as the fastest growing social networking and micro blogging platform on the Internet, Twitter is becoming synonymous with how online users communicate and, in some cases, is even replacing some users traditional blogs.

The ability to save the work and effort involved in creating and maintaining a Twitter account is vital to both individuals and companies who support their marketing efforts with Twitter.

For additional information about and its Twitter backup services, contact the company at (877) 216-9813.


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