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With new innovations regularly occurring in online domains however, there is always room for a finished product. Socialepic.com should take you to a zone of complex perfection that none has dared till now.

At the base, it would just be a social networking site. It is only in execution that it stands out. Stylized flash applications like multi-user video chatting and music player would be more user-friendly. Your desktop would seem refurbished with new icons and unique items like Shoutbox and Whiteboard would be at the fingertips.

Just as an active cooperation of all sense organs makes communication more sharp, there would be focus on honing both the audio-visual and textual formats. Socialepic would have, in its different sections, genuine scope for blogs, forums, polls, and profile scanning. Different interfaces would be easily accessible to friends and strangers. There is an initiative against spammers and irritants. Abuses of any kind would obviously not be tolerated. You can easily share videos, photos, and other available articles with your group.

Each interface would be ably secured with cookies and different page-navigation would be easy. You may say that these features are available in almost every social networking site. Where it would have an edge will be in rapidity of visual functions, sending voice mails, smart web presence and brilliant coding at the back-end. It would have a 100 percent uptime.

Even as it is releasing, it is getting recommendations from avant garde people in the concerned sector. It may come as a direct assault to the sky-touching aspirations of Facebook. What makes Facebook special is its ability to isolate the professional from personal. Thus even business addicts cater to Facebook in the manner that they would never with say, Orkut.

Socialepic takes a step forward in that regard too with customized profiles and professional bookings. These people may have an official interactive collaboration among the people of their company at a slight cost. That would obviously be in a seal-in format involving only the groups and not apparent to others.

Socializing traffic gets an additional site for a welcome change. This one comes with stand-out features that make them feel valuable. Orkut is owned by Google and Facebook may be in very near future. This has made them some kind of an advertising extension. Socialepic.com looks to get people out of that mould.

Those who are introvert enough to make social beginnings with the world get an outlet to define themselves at socialepic.com. When they go through the site’s different facets, their perception of the world might change. Registration is welcome!

Social Epic is a revolutionary new social network, you can share photos, videos, music and more. Video messenger, phone and desktop client lets you keep in contact easier.


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