YellowPin Creates Social Buzz to Connect Your Social Network With Your Social Life

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YellowPin’s new Buzz feature allows Facebook users to automatically send and receive text messages about their favorite places or friends, giving people real-time updates as to what’s going on around them and making sure they are never left wondering what to do. Instead of calling or texting all your friends to find out what’s going on, Buzz does all the work for you.
Here’s how it works:

— Sending Buzz: Send your Buzz news using a simple text to YellowPin and friends will receive a Buzz alert letting them know what you are up to. You can also text a comment to YellowPin about wherever you are, so your friends will know whether they should meet up with you. — Place Buzz: Use Place Buzz to receive texts whenever your friends update or comment from any specific places you choose, like your favorite bar, restaurant, store or stadium. You can also use Place Buzz to receive texts whenever a few of your friends update from any place around you, so you can be sure you never miss any fun! — People Buzz: Use People Buzz to receive texts whenever any friends that you choose update or make comments about where they are — including the mall, vacation in Florida, business trip to Seattle, or a fun bar. You can also use People Buzz to automatically get updates from any bars, restaurants, stores, or other places that you are friends with on Facebook, so you can always be the first to know about the latest sales, happy hours, or any other specials!
Buzz puts you in complete control of what information you share and receive with your friends, so you never have to worry about being tracked and you can finally put the social back into your networks.

“Facebook and Twitter give us unprecedented access to our friends and family, but now it’s time to let all that information work for you. Our YellowPin Buzz feature is the first to give you the ability to immediately act on all the information that’s being shared in real time,” says Sayles Braga, CEO of YellowPin. “While people can only follow friends on Twitter, people can use YellowPin’s Buzz to stay updated on not only their best friends, but also their favorite places.”

YellowPin debuted earlier this year on Facebook, and Buzz will continue to drive ABD3’s core concept of real-time, relevant social networking and interacting. To subscribe to YellowPin, visit or simply add the application on Facebook. With the free first month, YellowPin costs less than a can of soda. You can connect your social network with your social life for only 99¢ month, which is conveniently charged right to your existing cell phone bill.

About ABD3

ABD3 LLC develops social applications that help people connect in the real world. YellowPin enables subscribers to draw on their existing social networks and engage in real world, social activity — with users in complete control of what information they choose to share. With universal accessibility in the United States, YellowPin easily integrates with users’ established social networks and their desired real time behaviors and interactions. Founded in 2008, ABD3 is headquartered in New York, NY. For more information, please visit


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