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. July 20, 2009 . 0 Comments launches as a new RFP service facilitating visibility of hoteliers to collegiate, youth, amateur and association sports travel planners. In addition to facilitating the teams hotel needs the site offers meal solutions in both hotels and restaurants. Combined with the Memory section of the site, athletes, fans, parents and friends can both create and share Memories as they happen and for years into the future. allows hotel sales professionals that are interested in sports team group travel to get in front of their target audience when they are ready to buy and gain the competitive advantage. “The launch is just in time for the upcoming fall sports season,” says Jimmy Legg, Founder of

Jimmy Legg explains, “The concept has been in the works for over five years now, it remains important to me that the site be fun and heavily interactive via our Memories function of social networking, however, still offer value to both users and members. Creating a website that combines these elements is important to the entire community as well as growth and longevity.”
There are many social networking concepts that have arrived over the past few years, however, the model to generate revenue has remained elusive to their creators. I feel confident this model will quickly overcome this elusive concept by offering level of value to the members as well as users not found anywhere on the internet today. Combining a true business need with the excitement and visibility of our Memories, will create social and corporate network of buyers and more importantly, create buyers.”

The sites Memories feature presents a unique social networking function specifically for athletes and fans, hotels become associated with all the fun and exciting blogs, videos and pictures associated with the sports that they do business with. As more users create Memories, the ranking of that hotel in that city becomes more predominate in their listing based on number of Memories associated with their hotel. Interested sports travel planners can review hotels based on popularity as well as view specific Memories of previous teams.

“Introducing hotels nationwide to this exciting new technology is the first step in creating an endless and exclusive library to benefit your business. Near term future phase rollouts will bring GroupExclusives enhancements as well as World Memories associated with industries beyond hospitality. The value to members is very good now, however will become increasingly valuable as new phases are introduced,” remarks Legg.

GroupExclusives members can also enjoy another first for the internet, the restaurant RFP tool. Traveling sports teams can also plan meals for their athletes both in hotel restaurants as well as surrounding nearby eateries at their destination. Restaurants listed by hotels become recommended destinations to resolve the nutritional needs of the traveling athletes. The truly new approach of this function is that the restaurants that are added to the database range from small family owned establishments to large chains. Restaurants can create a comprehensive website to display their menu as well as participate in the RFP process for teams. Sports team nutritionists can upload a specialized, nutritional menu to receive the most competitive bid to feed their hunger team mates.

The Memory section brings all these elements together. From the team travel planners Personal Travel Dashboard, they can create an entire social networking site, in one click, associated and dedicated specifically with that trip or game.

The Memory section is simple to use and can accommodate a small team of seven or eight athletes to literally tens of thousands. Colleges, universities, high schools, amateur and association sports groups can now plan a hotel stay and meals in one serach as well as document the entire experience with the combined memories of all the participants.

Benefiting Team Sports Travel Planners is America’s first group travel planning tool designed specifically for Collegiate, Youth, Amateur, and Association team sports travel planners. Now anyone who handles team sports travel arrangements can research competitive rates for group travel to hotels and restaurants without being a meeting professional. Our database gives team sports travel planners a direct connection with potentially thousands of hotels and restaurants throughout the United States.

You can search for hotels or restaurants surrounding a specific college, theatre, convention center, museum, parks, fairgrounds, or simply by city or state. Once you have identified that perfect fit for a hotel or restaurant, you can send requests directly to the sales managers at those locations. Our unique and exciting website allows sports travel planners to negotiate the best cost savings deals for one or multiple occasions.

Benefiting Hotels and Restaurants
Having a hotel profile or restaurant profile in the Group Exclusives database is an easy way to instantly increase your opportunities for increased revenue from the college and youth team sports market.
Over 30,000 hotels and 130,000 restaurants surrounding the 2,200 colleges and universities across the nation are being invited to be part of Group Exclusives database. Hotels and restaurants will draw from an additional customer base of college and youth athletes, their friends, family, and school athletic directors. Restaurants can also offer customized meal services through Group Exclusives. Coaches can plan meals for their teams while on the road and upload custom menu requests for the athletes.

Social Networking with Memories Function
In addition to being able to receive bids from hotels and restaurants, Group Exclusives also offers a unique feature we call Memories. Create in one simple click, your personal Memories website for each trip, allowing all your guests to connect with each other, RSVP online, blog, upload pictures, and post videos of their special game or occasion. Everyone can participate in your personalized Memories page and your site is visible to the world.

Each Memories page is stored indefinitely, so you can come back and visit your specific Memory for years to come. Imagine visiting your personal Memory Page for that great high school football game years after college graduation. Create your own history of Memories over the years by adding links to your personal page, compiling years of pictures, videos and teammate comments.


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