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. July 20, 2009 . 0 Comments offers a new approach to business social networking sites. Instead of being a mere space where users can convene and interact, the vision of the team behind it is to pair users based on key criteria. It can be said then, that it brings a more dynamic twist to the whole process as actively pushes members together based on common business interests rather than just leaving members to find each other. It also helps members who are active promote their businesses, and perform further activities to make themselves known.

Registration is quick, simple and free. Once registered, members can specify the products/services that they offer and other business areas they are interested in. This effortless operation will ensure that the content on the site is tailored to their specific interests. Discerning business operators don’t want to be bombarded with content that is not relevant to them, and eliminates this filtering step to ensure that members get content that is relevant and interesting to them. The net result of which is that members can focus their time on the actual building of bridges, finding leads and (hopefully) doing more business.

All members have access to their own blog as standard, as well as access to a comprehensive list of discussion forums. Messaging between members is also available to all members, something which is often restricted for premium members. In the interests of promoting the network and all of its members the vision behind the site is that communication between members and the ability to generate content on the site should be as accessible as possible.

Credits are rewarded to members for bringing others to the network and for generating content within the network. These credits can be redeemed against advertising on giving smaller companies and entrepreneurs an opportunity to gain further exposure simply for networking! This dynamic approach sets apart from other business networking sites by taking a more communal approach to helping each other in business. For those companies who wish to accelerate their exposure, additional credits can be purchased at very competitive rates, making more cost effective than other PPM advertising options.

It is also possible to exchange credits for premium membership to Premium members will have access to more advanced tools and statistics to help them further in their search for new business prospects, for example, the ability to share their blog entries with the most popular social media sites. More details can be found at


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