PopSoc.com Announces Beta Release of its Social Media Classified Ads Platform

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PopSoc is the creation of Alan Sherin, a digital marketer since 1995 who has witnessed the online explosion of social networks and realized there may be an audience out there who wants to take advantage of getting the exposure out in the social web, but either were leery, did not understand how to do it, or did not have the time to join and manage an online profile, yet still wanted to reach the millions of eyeballs participating in these networks daily.

Enter PopSoc Social Media Classified Ads. “We realized that there was an untapped need to utilize the social networks by building the first Social Media Classified Ads platform. By design, these ads would not be listed on the Craigslists, and free classified ad sites, but to seed the web with ads designed as posts on blogs, and status updates that all lead back to the posters ad on PopSoc.” said Alan Sherin, PopSoc CEO and Principle.

But what does PopSoc mean? Sherin says “It is a hybrid word derived from two words “popular” and “social” it was important to convey what it is we do in a single word.”

Anyone familiar with Social Media and Social Networks knows that while extremely powerful, it may take several hours to join, log-in, fill out a user profile and update your social media memberships. Who has that kind of time? Well apparently PopSoc.com does.

While in beta, PopSoc is currently free. In the future as the service grows to include more than 100 social networks, a fee structure will be devised for premium services. PopSoc says that they aubmit each listing to all the major search engines and within seconds of the post it can be found there. PopSoc also syndicates the listings via RSS feed and ofcourse Twitter, Facebook, and the usual suspects.

To join the public beta, visit http://popsoc.com and create your free account.

For more information on PopSoc Social Media Classified Ads, please visit http://popsoc.com.

About PopSoc
Launched in July 2009, PopSoc POPSOC.com is the first viral social media classified advertising site. The company was started by Alan Sherin in an effort to make social media marketing available to the masses without the hassle of managing multiple online profiles. The companies expertise in digital marketing spans 15 years and includes the creation of 100s of websites, digital marketing services, and social media marketing consultations.


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